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Want to Look Stunning in Your Jeggings? Here are Simple Ways How

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Jeggings are this year's hottest fashion garment, so what's keeping you from wearing one?

Perhaps you're not quite sure whether these skinny fit jeans slash leggings are right for you. Perhaps you can't imagine yourself wearing something that reveals the true shape of your legs.

Guess what, the popular mid rise jeggings are actually for everybody. Yes, you read it right. Jeggings are for everybody. Regardless of your body shape and size, you can wear a pair of color jeggings and look stunning in it.

Wear Jeggings According to Your Shape

People come in all shapes and sizes, and you definitely have to accentuate what you have, and not shy away from jeggings just because you don't have that VS model bod. Again, anyone can wear jeggings and still look great in them. Find your body shape below and see how best to wear your pair.

  1. Pear – wear high-waist jeggings to give your perfect cover and perfect silhouette. Draw attention away from your bulky bottom by wearing printed or accented tops. 
  2. Linear – your legs may look great in your skinny fit jeggings, being slender and all, but overall, you can't appreciate the garment because you're just not curvy enough. Layer on some clothing on top like blazers, cardigans and sweaters, or put on wide belts loosely over your tunic for a curvy illusion.
  3. Apple – wear dark or neutral colored top over color jeggings to highlight your legs. Choose prints that make you look slimmer such as lines that go diagonal or vertical.
  4. Hourglass – despite having the seemingly perfect shape, hourglass people do struggle with jeggings. For a subtle, sexy look, choose which part to highlight – your upper half or bottom half. Pair real pocket jeggings in dark wash with simple mid rib top, or go for basic mid rise jeggings with fancy looking top.

 Wear Jeggings According to What It Is

Jeggings come in different cuts, lengths and designs. It is a hybrid between jeans and leggings, so you have to wear it as it is – not purely as jeans or purely as leggings.

  1. Like Leggings – jeggings that are not made of denim or denim-like fabric are inclined towards the leggings side. When you wear one, make sure that your top cover your butt entirely, as this is more appropriate and makes you more comfy than having to show to the world your bottom.
  2. Like Jeans – jeggings in denim fabric are more jeans than leggings. In this case, you can wear it like your actual pair of jeans, but make sure to consider the hug-fitting or tight-fitting nature of the garment.

Wear Jeggings with the Appropriate Match

Always, always wear the appropriate top to pair with your jeggings. Don't go overboard with everything – from top to bottom. If you want to show off your bottom half, play subtle on your upper half, and vice versa.

For footwear, go for boots, flats, wedges and heels with your favorite mid rise jeggings in cotton fabric. If you are wearing the skinny jeans type, a loose and slouchy-looking boots or sneakers, or even a pair of flip flops or sandals would do great.

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