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Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

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Let’s get back into the swing of things--and yes, we are talking about the classic swing dress. When it comes to summertime, the swing dress must be an essential to any women’s wardrobe. With its flirty and swaying style, it reminds us of the youthful spirits that we once were last summer. And now that the sun is out to play, we can relive those moments in this swing dress. The sleeveless swing dress is one of the easiest to style. Whether or not you dress it up or wear it as it is, you will still look put together no matter what! Wear this dress to any beach or pool activity, music festivals, and dates that have been planned this summer.

Beach and pool parties are always happening during the summer and this sleeveless swing dress is perfect for these types of events. The super soft material will feel great brushed against your skin by the ocean breeze. Hide your bathing suit underneath until it’s time to take a dip into the water. Styling this dress is a cinch--you’re main focus is blocking out the UV rays since you’ll be outside all day. Try on a cute sun hat and chunky sunglasses to block the sun from your eyes. And for your feet, some cute gladiator sandals will do just the trick.

Music festivals are a blast to go to during the summer because they’re the perfect excuse to dance all day! Twist and spin to your favorite song in this super soft sleeveless swing dress. As your music festival guide, the number one thing you will need are cool oversized sunglasses so you can see the stage without being blinded by the sun. Next, you would need to accessorize--Fedoras, cat ears, baseball caps, and flower crowns all add their own character to the swing dress. Lastly, don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes!  






Put work or school stuff aside and make room for dates this summer whether it’s with a special someone or your friends. Looking and feeling great distracts us from all the stress we have to endure throughout the year. It’s important to take a moment to sit back, relax, and enjoy someone’s company. In this swing dress, you can easily glam out by accessorizing without looking too flashy. Wear a statement necklace that will compliment the color of your dress. Style your hair accordingly to the look you are going for. Then, grab your favorite pair of heels and a matching clutch and you’re out the door!

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